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EZ-ACCESS :: EZ-ACCESSORIES® Wheelchair Underneath Carrier

EZ-ACCESSORIES® Wheelchair Underneath Carrier

The Wheelchair Underneath Carrier is a large mesh canopy that attaches underneath the wheelchair and is ideal for holding books, packages, and other items. Convenient hanging design with hook and loop attachment features front and back flaps to keep items secure. Available in black and is made with ...

EZ-ACCESS :: EZ-Access Inflatable Shampoo Tray

EZ-Access Inflatable Shampoo Tray

Our patented EZ-SHAMPOO is so simple, fast and comfortable it's head and shoulders above the rest. The unique EZ-SHAMPOO inflatable basin fills the need for an easy, refreshing shampoo for patients confined to bed. When inflated by mouth or air pump, the specially designed EZ-SHAMPOO is a secure, ...