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Duro-Med Industries :: Wheelchair Tray

Wheelchair Tray

For eating, reading, writing letters. Its convenient and fit most standard wheelchairs.

Duro-Med Industries :: Bath Sponge - Long Handle

Bath Sponge - Long Handle

 For helping to reach hard places in the bath or shower.

Duro-Med Industries :: Cervical Foam Neck Rolls

Cervical Foam Neck Rolls

For cervical and sacral discomfort these pillows provide stability and homeostasis. Its machine washable with a blue cotton cover.

Duro-Med Industries :: Coated Shoe Horn

Coated Shoe Horn

The Coated shoe horn is epoxy coated steel helps people to put on shoes without bending or straining  there backs.

Duro-Med Industries :: Coccyx Seat Cushion

Coccyx Seat Cushion

This cushion is not made just for the coccyx its a multipurpose pillow. This pillow is desighned for comfort and comes with a none skid hook and loop.

Duro-Med Industries :: Convoluted Ring Cushion 16" Diameter

Convoluted Ring Cushion 16" Diameter

The Convoluted Ring Cushion is a ring-shaped seat cushion designed for use by individuals at risk for pressure sores/ulcers or who sit for extended periods.  The cushion conforms to body contours to reduce pressure point discomfort.  This cushion is made of puncture-resistant, high-density ...

Duro-Med Industries :: Deluxe Inflatable Bed Shampooer

Deluxe Inflatable Bed Shampooer

Making life easier when you cannot leave the bed. The basin is made with deep vinyl for no leaks, easy to inflate and clean.

Duro-Med Industries :: DMI Cushion-Grip Utensils

DMI Cushion-Grip Utensils

For those that have trouble gripping these cushion for utensils are perfect. Fits forks, knives, spoons, pens.

Duro-Med Industries :: DMI Sock Aid

DMI Sock Aid

With this special design it helps conform to your feet so socks can go on easier.

Duro-Med Industries :: Inflatable Rubber Ring

Inflatable Rubber Ring

Helps relieve the pain and discomfort associated with hemorrhoids and other perineal conditions. Features a special valve designed for easy inflation Inflates to desired level of firmness using a bicycle-style pump Conforms to body contours Reduces pressure point ...

Duro-Med Industries :: Leg Lifter

Leg Lifter

Has a 3" rod that helps keep it stable with a good sized loop at each end.

Duro-Med Industries :: Ortho Bed Wedge Pillow

Ortho Bed Wedge Pillow

To help improve your circulation and minor to major back pain. This pillow was designed for a natural contour of your back to give full comfort.

Duro-Med Industries :: Transfer Board - Oak

Transfer Board - Oak

Transfer Board makes it easy for the elderly or patients to get into bed from a wheelchair.