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Wheelchair / Manual

Invacare :: 9000 SL

9000 SL

The 9000 SL wheelchair is the perfect lightweight wheelchair for those who want quality and durability at a moderate price. This low-maintenance wheelchair also has a full complement of options and accessories. Its contemporary design and high-performance frame make the 9000 SL a definitively superior ...

Invacare :: 9000 XT Lightweight Wheelchair

9000 XT Lightweight Wheelchair

The 9000 XT wheelchair is a high performance, low-maintenance and low total lifetime cost product. The 9000 XT is simply the most versatile lightweight wheelchair available and is the model of choice. This wheelchair boasts a vast offering of frame styles, seat-to-floor heights, back styles, ...

Invacare :: 9000 XT Recliner

9000 XT Recliner

Features and Benefits Durable, low-maintenance, triple chrome-plated, carbon steel frame is long-lasting Dynamic recline range from 95-155 degrees Rear axle base moves, providing stable center of gravity in recline ...

Drive :: Flylight Transport Chair

Flylight Transport Chair

Features and Benefits: Aluminum frame is lightweight and strong. Comes with carry pocket on back rest and companion drink holder. Comes with seat belt for added safety. Attractive plaid style nylon upholstery. Tool free, height adjustable swing-away footrests come standard. ...

Drive :: Pollwog Wheelchair / transport

Pollwog Wheelchair / transport

Quick release 24" wheels can be removed to convert to transport chair. All aluminum.

Invacare :: Tracer EX2 Manual Wheelchair

Tracer EX2 Manual Wheelchair

The Tracer EX2 combines the design and technology of previous Invacare wheelchairs and incorporates them into the Tracer series.  Offset permanent arms offer full seat width with a hemi-spaced footrest and a full range of accessories.  Many components are interchangeable with the Invacare ...

Invacare :: Tracer SX5 Manual Wheelchair

Tracer SX5 Manual Wheelchair

The Tracer SX5 has a lightweight frame that makes it perfect for rental or short-term use.  The long-lasting carbon steel frame also makes it durable enough for long-term use.  The SX5 design incorporates the technology and configuration of the Invacare 9000 series, making it possible ...

Invacare :: Tracer SX5 Recliner Wheelchair

Tracer SX5 Recliner Wheelchair

The Tracer SX5 Recliner wheelchair offers a dynamic range of recline from 90 degrees to 180 degrees.  With the durability of a lightweight manual wheelchair frame, the added versatility of a full reclining back meets RESNA standards for manual wheelchairs in product performance.  It ...