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Category: Diabetic Footwear

Manufacturer: Dr. Comfort

Women’s Slipper

Cute and comfy open-heel slipper, ideal for lounging or walking around the house.

About Cozy
Whether you want to cuddle up with a good book or need to walk around the house, slip your feet into this comfy slipper. The Dr. Comfort® Cozy is a diabetic-friendly women’s therapeutic slipper with Dr. Comfort Gel inserts for cushiony comfort. With plenty of wiggle room, the Cozy has a wide toe box and an open-heel design for easy on/off application and to accommodate swollen feet. Plus, the Cozy is designed with a rubber outsole to help prevent any falls when walking. Pamper your feet with top-quality microfiber uppers and luxe fleece lining that takes softness to a whole new level.

Explore the Features
Gel Insoles

Dr. Comfort gel inserts deliver comfort.
Skid-Resistant Outsole
Rubber/EVA outsole helps prevent slipping when walking.
Microfiber Uppers and Fleece Lining
Soft suede-like uppers and fleece lining provide comfort and support to the feet.
Protective Toe Box
Protective toe box provides extra protection from toe stubbing
Top-Quality Shoe
Use of top-quality material and construction helps prevent wear and tear
Open-Heel Design
Open back allows for easy on/off application, accommodates swollen feet and helps to prevent skin irritation.

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