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Plantar FXT Therapy Sock

Category: Orthopedics

Manufacturer: Swede-O Inc.

The Plantar FXT is the ideal alternative to cumbersome Night Splints. The FXT is easy to apply, low-profile, and comfortable to wear.  The sock keeps the plantar fascia in a comfortable, stretched position during sleep, preventing further damage and allowing for healing.  With regular use, the Plantar FXT helps eliminate the sharp pain caused by Plantar Fasciitis. 

  • Thermoskin thermal supports clinically proven to increase subcutaneous skin temperature 2-3°F for optimal level of heat therapy
  • Patented Trioxon lining creates micro-climate that maintains elevated skin temperature while allowing skin to ventilate for long-term user comfort
  • Spiral structure of Trioxon lining lifts moisture away from skin and traps air within lining to help prevent excessive perspiration

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