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Available Sizes: LARGE - (Large (9 in) - CS003L)X-LARGE - (X-Large (10 in) - CS003XL)Crown Fitted Adjustable Chin Strap by SunsetLong Lasting Chin Strap by SunsetThe Crown Fitted Adjustable Chin Strap by Sunset is a durable, high quality piece of material designed to provide an additional layer of stability for your mask and headgear. What's more, this chin strap is also intended to help keep your mouth closed throughout your entire therapy session. The Sunset adjustable chin strap is made of neoprene, a flexible and soft substance which will provide a snug and secure fit for patients with varying head and chin sizes.Easy ApplicationThe Sunset Crown Fitted Adjustable Chin Strap is quite simple to apply: place your chin in the chin strap cup and then pull the straps over your head; make sure that your ears are in between the straps. Then, fitting is a breeze: simply adjust the Velcro straps as needed until you achieve the level of snugness desired.Ideal for Nasal/Nasal Pillow UsersThe adjustable chin strap by Sunset is of particular benefit to nasal mask and nasal pillow mask users because it keeps your mouth closed during sleep. Nasal mask and nasal pillow mask users need to have a closed mouth during therapy in order to maximize results; the adjustable chin strap makes this task very doable.FeaturesNeoprene material - highly flexible and softKeeps your mouth fully closed during sleepPerfect for nasal/nasal pillow usersAvailable in large and extra largeLong lasting and durableMust be hand washedIncludes Velcro strapsEasy to adjust

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